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AbigailOpeningz.com was created in 2012 to solve the recruitment problems faced by businesses operating in the Video Communications and Technology space.  Through recommendation we are now working across many other sectors, and we liaise closely with directors who are seeking expertise with their recruitment efforts.  Our clients benefit from working with us on a committed basis and from an early stage in their projects; we take away the time and stress and ensure our clients spend time with quality applicants.

Our model is unique – we discuss expectations and desired outcomes at an early stage – by adopting a Focuz service when working with all our clients; where commitment, accountability and delivery is key!

You know recruiting is a priority task in your business, but it’s a constant challenge and too many organisations make expensive mistakes.  By partnering with a professional recruiter, you will greatly reduce the time and energy that is involved, and with our help be confident in selecting the very best hires.  We believe in adding value to your operation; all prospective applicants (not only those introduced by us) will be encouraged to undertake our thorough screening process.  The candidates are impressed by the professionalism and speed of our services on your behalf.

Led by Abigail Brown, offering extensive experience in recruitment, we really are committed to ensuring you enjoy a far more productive recruitment experience!

What will we do for you?

  • listen to and advise you at the early planning stages to define the exact needs, criteria & values that will be met throughout our relationship
  • create an accurate Job Description to ensure we are representing each role and your organisation in the best possible way
  • run an Attraction programme utilising a wide variety of channels and our unique contact network to ensure we reach a wide audience – we also compliment your efforts and strengthen your brand message
  • take full responsibility for all pre-screening activity; and encourage all suitable candidates (not just those introduced by Openingz) to undertake our professional interview and assessment
  • Focuz clients benefit from our assessment and qualification of speculative applications
  • Support and complement your branding and hiring efforts

We ensure all candidates are interviewed personally or via video on your behalf.

With our Focuz service, we encourage any direct candidates to be assessed by us so everyone receives a consistent and fair experience; ultimately giving you greater confidence in your hiring decision.

We have experience filling positions in a range of administrative and operational functions; marketing and PR; client relations; finance; pre-sales support; installation; project management and engineering.

  • conduct and partner with you on the interviewing & assessment stages; at your premises or off-site
  • assist you with the Selection of your preferred candidate and handle all the processes involved with the offer including negotiation, offer letter & contract documentation, references etc.
  • utilize our unique network to create introductions

Consider us an extension to your management or HR function.

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Abigail Brown
“Experience a new standard in recruitment excellence, with us on your team. We will ensure you are confident in making the right selection decision; our priority will be to professionally and thoroughly evaluate ALL potential candidates considering your opportunities.” Abigail Brown

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